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Unconventional Literary Ships

corrupting your favorite classics since 2008
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this is where the classical fandom begins.

the great works: they're classical for a reason. but sometimes even great authors miss out on some awesome relationship possibilities.

so that's where we come in.

join. write ship manifestos. write fic. it can be canon or uncanon. and, of course, discuss anything and everything.

moderated by marketchippie and anythingbutgrey.

layout by unoriginal.
arthur/lancelot, desdemona/iago, dr. jekyll/mr. hyde, edmund/mary, elizabeth/bingley, emma/frank, hamlet/horatio, isabella/angelo, jane/darcy, jay/daisy, jo/laurie, juliet/paris, julius caesar/brutus, literature, lucy/cecil, maria/malvolio, marius/eponine, miranda/caliban, olivia/orsino, olivia/viola, othello/iago, relationships, rochester/blanche, romeo/mercutio, romeo/rosaline, watson/holmes